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Love of mine 
Someday you will die
But I’ll be close behind
I’ll follow you into the dark


ways signs seem to work against themselves:

Aries - they need to keep moving forward in life but they create their own conflicts

Taurus - they have incredible patience but this also means they take forever to start something and the whole process is slowed

gemini - they need someone their to fill the ‘twin’ who they can share everything with but they also want to be independent and alone

cancer - family/loved ones mean everything to them yet these are the victims of most of their mood assaults

leo - is deceptively self grandiose and simultaneously self contemptuous and insecure, their sense of entitlement swings and Leo can feel like both King and servant at the same time

virgo - they have the mind of the communicator, yet their social reservation stops them using their great skills to the best of its ability

libra - they want everyone to love themselves but they dont personally love themselves

scorpio - the deep need for a partner but the volatile periods of introspection when they must be alone - and they push away their prospective by seeming like they dont care or love them

sagittarius - being mutable and ‘expansive’ ‘broad minded’ but also being the natural skeptics and needing physical evidnece to see things

capricorn - want to receive adoration, appreciation and recognition for their work and efforts more than anythign but also act indifferent to it and as if they dont need it

aquarius - being all about freedom of expression and having an open mind yet being fixed and relying on scientific evidence to process things

pisces - they feel an overwhemling need to help others and do things for them, but on the inside feel used and walked all over at times, they find it too hard to say no and end up internally resenting the person

hush, little baby

hush, little baby

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Smaug the Magnificent

Mirror’s Edge






getting back in the groove with neurotoxin robot faces


getting back in the groove with neurotoxin robot faces

to the anon: 

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todays warmup: where did this fandom go



Deoxys, Ho-Oh, Manaphy, and Lugia will be given away to 4 lucky trainers. All winners are chosen at random.

First place: Chooses 1 of the 4 Pokemon.

Second Place: Chooses 1 of the 3 Pokemon left

Third Place: Chooses 1 of the 2 Pokemon left

Fourth Place: Receives the Pokemon remaining. 


  1. You don’t have to follow me to win.
  2. Reblogs and likes count.  
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  4. Of course, you need to be comfortable to give me your Friend Code.
  5. You might need to add my second 3DS since my main is close to maxing out. 
  6. This giveaway ends on April 20.
  7. All 4 winners have 24 hours to respond to the message I send them or message me when I mention them in their winning announcement. 

Regarding Crobat and Gyarados 

These Pokemon will be given away to 2 lucky winners under THREE conditions for this part of the giveaway.

  1. You must be following me to participate in this part of the giveaway.
  2. 2 followers will be chosen randomly.
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 Remember, the giveaway ends on 4/20! (Blaze it) Good luck!








Whoops I genderbended! MaLDOS, Ciel and Whitney folks. Been aware since I did any paintings of these characters.

I particularly like Ciel, but the different-from-standard look of Whits is also really nice.

Yeah, I kind of wanted this to be a direct translation from their original designs, though I took a 50s-ish approach with the bots, particularly the hairstyles and facial shapes (think Madmen).

Benny vs. modern technology

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